Light Armor Concept (sketch)

Light ArmorThis is a drawn concept of light armor for a small school assignment that wanted me to create a 2 page comic, this armor design has a few inspirational points and imitation of style if you can recognize the similarities.

The helmet was intentionally left with solid rough edges to provide a simplistic design that could be made by hand, it became another piece of the comic’s plot. The midsection of the armor is meant to depict only a portion of protection to the vital organs yet allow the wearer to move freely, the front vest cover is removable by a number of bolts placed at the abdominal area and the shoulders.

The arms were updated with different appearances as I went along, but the main idea of the upper arm guards were to be segmented to cover the upper arm, the shoulder and the forearm.

The waist was left for last, as I personally find it troubling to design a device that guards the genitals of the user. The thighs and hips have a very simple draping piece of armor that could be perceived as Kevlar or another light weight sort of armor.

The legs were designed to represent a very wrapped up look with what I was hoping to be a sense of layers. The foot and ankle are covered by an ankle guard that is adjustable by at the time decidedly laces. The shins were covered up to the knee with a wrap around shin guard and a protruding knee guard.


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