Light Vehicle Concept

These past few weeks I have been busy attempting to get my final projects done for my illustration and philosophy class, one of the assignments happens to be illustrating a comic of our creation. This vehicle concept came up as the centerpiece of my first page in an attempt to describe the setting of the comic.

The design was intended to be simple, only a limited number of sloped faces and a familiar front shape were intended to show how this vehicle was made with minimal material and design. Much of the comic depicts simplistic Forms with Function. Because the nature of the comic is more action set, this design was intended to lean towards a vehicle with sturdy features and a ‘modular/universal’ approach. The seats are simple, almost out of place. The wheels seem generic and of the wrong proportion, depicting a very low mounted body (to me anyway). The windshield is one solid piece that can be reproduced easily.

Vehicle Concept

Comic Concept


One response to “Light Vehicle Concept

  1. The drawing of the car is really something. I hope you can find more photoshop programs to further add dimension to your amazing drawings. Keep up the good work, babe.

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