Prosthetic sketch

Prosthesis Sketch 2

Pros Arm Sketch 2

This sketch was not the first sketch I’ve created for prosthetic ‘cybernetics’, but this was one of the more ‘Esthetically designed’ works I’ve made. I understand that prosthetic pieces are not always visually appealing and designed more for function, thankfully with the freedom of Science Fiction I can take a little more freedom in it’s appearance rather than limit the design to actual mechanical practicality.

The fictional applications to this arm are as I can imagine, friction based motion with internal motors turning ‘ball joints’ depicted by the round patterned balls in the sketch. The ball joints are roughly stationary, as the internal motors are motivating a ‘bike chain’ funtion to cause a simple rotate up or down motion within the arm. Multiple chains are used to maneuver portions of the arm as a Tank would be able to maneuver on 2 individual treads, so 2 chains could rotate together to create a strong up and down motion while both chains can also create a rotating forearm effect by motivation in opposing directions. I’ll upload the original concept and depiction later.

If that makes any sense, thank you for understanding it! This is by no means an attempt to produce or develop actual cybernetic/prosthetic pieces, the sketch was to entertain an idea and certain concepts that I wanted to explore.


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