Weapon concept 1

Gun Concepts

Page of Guns Vol. 1

Firearms have always been a symbol for forms of aggressive nature, such as military powers or private ownership and depictions of firearms have always come with violence. I’ve always found weapon designs to be unique though, as a type of art that only creates a shell to hide the ugly simple truth of war. It’s a machine.

The exterior designs of firearms have changed over the years, from wood and metal to more smooth and modular forms such as fiberglass bodies and aftermarket parts, these new parts were designed to change the look of the weapon into something more personal. Personalizing the machine to a preference built by the owner, not just to be seen as a gun but to know that that’s his gun.

Video games have been using the appeal of attachments and synthetic bodies to visually appeal to the public, science fiction and modern fiction alike. The weapon designers have to create an appearance that has to look cool. It really has become an artsy necessity, alongside the attraction of gameplay the visual stimulation needs to be modern and flashy.


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